Tascam DR07 portable digital recorder

The Tascam DR07 portable digital recorder is a nice little unit for producing home recordings or conducting interviews, recording lectures, digital transcription etc… The built in electret stereo microphones do a good job of producing a clean clear sound and the unit is on par with offerings from various other companies such as the Zoom H2 for around the same price range.

Accessories are limited compared to some other products like the Zoom H4n but one should take into account that the price of the Tascam DR07 portable digital recorder is less than that of the H4n. The DR07 includes A windscreen (but you should still go out and buy a redhead screen), USB Cable, 2GB SD Card (Zoom is only 1GB), 2 AA batteries for operation, warranty card and manual. All in all a pretty good set of accessories for the price you are paying (around $140 on Amazon!). So while the H4n might have more included accessories keep in mind that the DR07 is around half the price!

Sound quality is very good, comparable with the Zoom H2. As with all of these flash recorders much of the noise has been reduced but there is still a small amount of hiss if you listen VERY closely, probably due to one of the preamps. Noise can be reduced by adjusting input volume as well and admittedly i didn’t have as much time with the unit as I would’ve liked to really find the sweet spot for what I was recording (classical guitar).

I would’ve liked to see a built in speaker for playback but the headphone jack will suffice. A very nice feature of the Tascam DR06 digital portable recorder is the ability to loop mp3 fragments and slow them down without altering pitch. This is a very useful tool for analyzing a recording or learning your favorite guitar solo!

The SD memory is a great option and I feel that every recorder should stick to this format. 2GB isn’t a lot of space but you can upgrade to (at least) 32GB with readily and cheaply available SD Cards and that makes this recorder a winner. I wish Sony would take a cue from most of the other big names around them and get rid of their crappy Sony memory stick!

Ease of use is about the same as with any other recorder in this category, really, if you can run a remote control for your television, you can use this unit! Nice boot-up time and crisp clear response from the buttons. Overall however the unit feels a little flimsy or light when compared to some of the Zoom and Olympus products and it would be nice to see a little more heft in an updated version. Time will tell if they follow in the path of the H4n.

Overall this is a great unit and provides excellent recording quality for the price. Not comparable with the Zoom H4n but definitely with it’s little sister the H2. A strong contender in this price range and worth some serious consideration. Cheers and should you decide to buy I hope you enjoy your Tascam DR07 portable digital recorder!