Stop Cat Spraying in House

Cats are very adorable animals that any pet lover would be keen on having around. They are cute, cuddly and sweet. Cats, by nature, are also very tidy animals; they take time to groom themselves and will efficiently use litter boxes when provided with one. But cat spraying in house is the biggest dilemma all cat owners face. Most people would not know how to stop cat spraying in house. The top reason cat owners give is that their cats simply stopped using the litter box. If you are unhappy with this situation, so is your feline friend. There are several reasons why your cat may act strangely and do the unacceptable behavior of spraying in house.

A cat spraying in house is a cat which is trying to convey to you some message, although in an objectionable way. Yelling at your cat or punishing it when it sprays in house is not the way to go. It will only cause you and your cat so much stress. If this is how you deal with your pet, then you have to mend your ways. The stress brought by your behavior is one reason why your furry pal keeps spraying in the house. Not that your cat wants to retaliate, it just simply cannot cope up with stress. Other causes of stress to this meek creature are changes in the environment, introduction of new pets or companions, or invading animals. It can also get stressed when you move away its litter box to an unfamiliar surrounding or to a place where there are too many things happening around.

You will also find your cat spraying in house when it is not feeling well. The first instance of this inappropriate behavior must alert you that there might be something wrong happening to your pet. Observe keenly its behavior and if it has become so unpleasantly regular for comfort, hop away immediately to your animal doctor. Chances are your cat may be suffering from diabetes, urinary tract infection, kidney failure or foot injury which prevents your cat from reaching the litter box on time.

If you have ruled out stress and health condition as the reasons why your cat keeps on spraying in house, then it’s about time to look at its litter box. Although a cat will go back to the place where it left its scent, it will shy away from a dirty and unclean litter box. Make sure that you regularly clean the kitty box. Another reason why the litter box doesn’t work anymore is because the cat has grown too big for the litter box. When getting a new litter box, do not just force your cat to use it. Remember, a cat gets stressed in a new environment. So slowly introduce your cat to its new toilet. If you have several felines in the house, make sure to get each one of them its own litter box.

What you might think as a cat spraying in house may be your feline friend’s way of marking its territory. A male cat sprays urine on floors, walls, and doors to lay claim to its territory and keep other cats away. For a female cat, spraying means it is ready to produce kitties. This is confirmed by the disturbing mating yowls in the deep of night.

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