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170 Km on the West of Havana, near Pinar del Rio City, Vi?�ales Valley may be the pride and joy from the citizens inside province and in all likelihood of all Cubans. It’s regarded as, after Varadero and Trinidad, one of the most visited touristic spots away from Havana. Thousands of visitors traverse the Valley from one end towards the other, go into its caves, admire its nature and obtain to know its culture and particular Vi?�ales cuisine. To gain more answers over the following niche have a look at web property.

The lake (actually a reservoir seeming to be a natural lake) features a water mirror surrounding it, approximately 15 square kilometers and 30 or 40 meters deep. Fed by three rivers: Río Negro, Río Hanabanilla, and Río Guanayara, with a storage capacity of about 300 million cubic meters, Hanabanilla will be the third largest lake in the country used by recreational purposes and as a significant water supply, and feeds the greatest hydroelectric station in Cuba.

Most people impression of a slave, would be a labourer, who worked in the field, planting, weeding, harvesting crops and feeding cattle. This was only section of the story. Their main contribution was more diverse, some worked inside main house performing duties for example cooks and maids, although some were craftmen including carpenters, mason, tailors, butchers, bakers, blacksmith and cobblers.

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Today, the “ajiaco” has converted into the principle dish for popular celebrations, especially on September 28th each year, Cubans celebrate during the entire country the anniversary with the CDR (Committees for Defending the Revolution), a community organization born in the first years from the Revolution. The night of September 27th, in most neighborhood, neighbors require a huge pot out make it on the street with a bonfire. All neighbors bring anything they have in the home that may be added to the “ajiaco” and so they start cooking it. As it cooks, they dance Cuban popular and traditional music, they play dominoes, or do other activities to celebrate, animate, and relish the night. If you happen to be around some of those Cuban neighborhoods on that date, you can go for likely to ask for some “ajiaco”. They’ll be more than happy to own you taste their delicious specialty. To gain extra guidance on this topic explore that web site.

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