Overview of Instascript Digital Transcription Platform

The Intrascript platform is designed to eliminate cumbersome, manual and repetitive tasks and to track all activities so that digital transcription companies can reduce overhead and increase productivity. Because every activity is logged and tracked data can be mined and used to create valuable business and productivity analyses which aid in the management of the company. The ultimate result is a reduction in non-productive administrative tasks and an increase in digital transcription capabilities, which should result in higher profitability.

The platform uses secure, HIPAA compliant protocols to retrieve, store and distribute dictations and transcriptions via secure internet portals.

There are eight levels of access to the platform:

Administrator -The Administrator login has the highest level of access which includes the ability to set up users (transcriptionists, editors, assistants, nurses, etc.), assign files to transcriptionists, view all reports, administer accounting reports, A/R and A/P, and view and manage all users.

Physician – The physician login has access to upload voice files, view, print and electronically sign his or her own reports and update files.

Transcriptionist – The Transcriptionist login has access to download voice files, write transcriptions, and view reports pertaining to his or her work.

Editor – The Editor login has access to edit transcribed files, view reports pertaining to his or her work, and add comments about documents.

Assistant – The Assistant login has access to view and print files and reports of physicians to whom the assistant is assigned.

Nurse – The Nurse login has access to view the list of files transcribed for the physician to whom the nurse is assigned.

Hospital Administrator – The Hospital Administrator login has access to view physician files and reports for physicians in their affiliation. The Hospital Administrator also has access to management reports and auditing capabilities.

Coder – The Coder login has access to add codes to files belonging to physicians within their affiliate.

Set Up Your Company Options

1) Login to your site using your login and password.

2) Set up your company options by going to Menu, Manage Company Profile.

This is where you can set global options for the entire organization.

Create Affiliates

1) Set up each affiliate by clicking on Administration in the upper menu, then select Manage Affiliates.

2) Select Add Affiliate.

3) Complete the form. The Dept. # is required for telephone dictation. Ask your support representative for your Department number.

4) Select signature blocks and electronic signature options on this page.

5) Select Billing Options, then select the appropriate options for this affiliate and Update.

6) Select Manage Report Type Interface. This is where you assign the different types of reports required by the affiliate and the doctor. On this page you can select the hospital codes, assign priorities and select signature blocks for each report type. Update.

7) Select Select MT Fields. These are the text fields that appear on the MT Header Page when transcribing. The data in these fields will automatically be filled in templates and are searchable fields. MT Fields must coincide with template fields if using templates.

Add Doctors and Assistants

1) Go the Main Menu and select Create New User.

2) Select Physician from the drop down list.

3) Complete the form.

4) Click on Add and Edit User.

5) Complete this form as well. The Dictation Id is the Id for telephone dictation while Handheld Id is the Id on the handheld recorder.

6) Select the primary affiliate from the drop down box (the primary affiliate must already be set up).

7) Assign Transcriptionists and any additional affiliates.

8) Select Update.

9) Add assistants using the same instructions as above. Be sure assistants are assigned to at least one affiliate and one doctor.

To load multiple physicians at one time go to the Main Menu and select Multiple Physician Upload in the Administration section and follow the directions.

Add Transcriptionists

1) Set up Transcriptionists by going to Menu, Create New User and select Transcriptionist from the drop down box.

2) Complete the form and then click on Add and Edit User.

3) Assign the appropriate options.

4) Select Default Payment Options to set payment parameters.

5) Select Payment Options Per Affiliate/Physician if payment rates are different for different affiliates or physicians.

6) Assign Physicians and Affiliates to route voice files to MT.

7) Click on Assign Report Types to select report types your affiliate and doctors require.

8) Click on Update to save the profile.