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Introduce the hotels in iran by all the small detail that you can’t find any thing like this anywhere else! To get around the country transport is easy and so is renting a car and self-driving, many of Israel’s sights blow your mind, when reflected on. Israel mashhad hotels can be a little raw and unwelcoming (not to mention expensive), but it is a first world country and travel is fun and comfortable (if a little hot at times) – but (as with Western Europe) you need reasonable deep pockets to get the best out of it.

Although Iran hotels follow the international star rating for hotels, but you may be disappointed if you expect high international standards. We used Iran Gasht Tours and had a very good experience with them, someone here recently recommended Iran Either way I think it’s most cost effective to use a local agency who will end up doing the one the ground work anyway. The main restaurant of Iran Hotel has well trained, experienced and professional personnel, with a perfect enormous space various Iranian and international foods are served. Pasargad (or Pasargadae) – The initial capital of the Persian Empire built by Cyrus the Great.

Air travel can be provided at an additional cost of £635 per person; (economy class) on scheduled Turkish Airlines flights London to Shiraz (aircraft: A330-200), departing 21 September and arriving early hours of 22 September, and Tehran to London (Boeing 737), departing 4 October (via Istanbul). News about Iran in world media are dominated by the nuclear program, but the average traveller is unlikely to be much affected by it. Some sanctions however have an effect on the general population and hence travellers.

Afternoon visit to Pasargadae, the ancient capital of Cyrus the Great (580-529 BCE).

Foreigners arriving in Iran with their own car will need to have a Carnet de passage and a valid international drivers’ license. Iran and specifically Tehran the capital, is home to not more than a few locally branded hotels that would to some extent meet the global hospitality standards. I read your comments and other friends and it’s our proud to see more travelers in Iran.

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It is not uncommon for Iran authorisation codes to be submitted very close to the actual time of travel. If you have time, both the North East and North West are – despite lacking big pulls – beautiful and interesting. Visitors of Tehran, from business travelers to vacationers eager to explore Iran’s capital city, are treated with the ultimate hospitality at the ibis Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport hotel. Sunni Islam in Iran is mainly practiced by ethnic minorities such as the Arabs, Kurds, Balushis, and Turkmens.

There are many tombs of some famous people in the country; including Cyrus the Great in Pasargad near Shiraz, Avicenna in Hamedan, Khayyam in Neyshaboor, Prophet Daniel in Susa, Mordechai and Esther in Hamedan, Saadi and Hafez famous Persian poets in Shiraz. We mixed up the accommodation – four-star hotels, apartments, classic guest houses, and ancient caravan-sarai’s.

However, with a population of approximately 80 million people, there is huge potential for growth in both domestic and international travel to Iran. After breakfast a city tour of this capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran with its excellent museums and unique blend of Qajar Dynasty (1796-1925) and postmodern architecture. You will not get an extension and the taste of Iran you get is more than likely going to make you wish you had a full visa. Kabāb makhsoos (كباب مخصوص) – usually the most expensive option, this big kebab uses the highest quality meat.

Drive to the monumental royal city of Isfahan stopping en route to explore Pasagarde, the ruined first Persian capital built by Cyrus the Great, whose tomb is situated in the windswept upland plain surrounding the city. In more recent years, Iran’s tourism industry particularly suffered under the eight-year rule of the hardline former president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as Iran became more internationally isolated over its nuclear programme. A valid passport and a visa are required for the citizens of most countries for travel through Iran.